5 Houses 2 Freedom STR Bootcamp

You missed out!

It’s time to free yourself from the real estate rat race.


Landlords, wholesalers, fix and flippers, creative financing investors, short- term rental operators & Airbnb hosts…

If you’re tired of the monthly grind from wholesaling or fix and flipping,

not content with the inconsistent lumpy income and properties stuck and NOT selling in the market…


If you've been wanting to scale your portfolio but have no idea how to get started...

wondering if there are guaranteed systems to create the income you desire…


If you’re done being disrespected by vacation rental platforms who value guests over hosts,

endlessly trying hacks but still failing to boost your listing & increase your bookings and dollars...


If you’re frustrated with long- term tenants who trash your properties, or with just barely enough revenue coming in, endlessly trying to create a bigger margin off your acquisition…

Discover How to Launch Five Short-Term Rental Houses

That Generate $5k-10k+ /Month Each

Learn the 5 Master Pillars of STR Success

Step by Step Blueprint to Highly Profitable Short- Term Rentals

Get Trained By A Powerhouse Team From Acquisition to Execution

STR Experts, Marketing, Staging & Design and Financial Specialists

Generate 100- 1000% More Revenue and Profits

Without Even Owning a Single House

Execute Your Learnings Via Our Grand Bus Tour

Step Inside and Evaluate Actual Properties in the Market

Magnetize Your Guests with Explosive Marketing Practices

Get More Eyeballs, Bookings and Dollars

Invest Smartly Using Our Hybrid Acquisition Strategies

For Your STRs Based ON Your Budget & Goals

Outsource 90% Of Your Work By Partnering With Experts

So You Can Free Up Your Time & Acquire More Properties

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This is a once in a lifetime opportunity

to build your 6-figure Real Estate Portfolio with only

Five MEDIAN-LUXURY Short-term Rentals.

This HYPER-TARGETED Real Estate Niche:

Provides Better Amenities
Has Additional Space and Value
Generates Higher Average Daily Rates  
Is the new STR waive of 2021-2022
Is Perfect for Backpack / Group traveling
Has Less Supply & More Demand

Giving You A Stunning 30-50% Profit margin!

Christoffer Munoz

Chris Muñoz

“I like how simple the system was. Going through your whole program. It was very self explanatory...very informative. So it really gave us the confidence to go out there and get it done.

Having full access to you and your advice and being involved in the group [where] a lot of people ask questions that you don't even think about asking.
I've joined other programs before, and they're not as informative; having the full range to you and your team really is very helpful.
I feel like the program is set up to or whether you're a seasoned investor or you're new, it benefits you either way.”

-Chris Munoz, getting his first Rental Arbitrage Airbnb negotiated & leased within 30 days of joining & generating $7-8k monthly cash flow

Kelli Parker

“I've been in real estate sales for 30 years and Airbnb for a couple of years. I tend to think I know quite a bit. There's always something that we can learn.

I never could get the price that I could get.  All of my research that I did didn't show that. But he was like, just trust, try it. And then if not, we'll do this. And so finally I did. And I was amazed.

Basically, the profit margin before was $1,000 a month and the profit margin now is $5,000 a month.

George is genuine. He doesn’t claim to know it all. And it's because it's an ever changing industry. He has high integrity. And that's what I look for when I look for someone to follow or do a business model after.”
-Kelli Parker, who upgraded her current listing, booking & pricing strategy and brought up her revenue from $3,000 a month (when she started) to $8600 in one of her top months

Shawn Warner

Shawn Warner

“Man, I'm glad that I'm now connected with George... I'm just excited. I mean, this is my first Airbnb.
Before, I was a little scared of how all this was gonna play out. But once I made my foot into the door, for the first time to see after everything was completed... I was like, Wow, this is amazing.
Definitely jump into the program. Definitely begin your journey to the Airbnb world. Connect with George Salas and his team. He's got his own coaching program. His girlfriend's an interior designer. He's got his own cleaning team. He's got a whole team of nothing but resources available to you.”
-Shawn Warner, from zero experience in real estate to his first Airbnb generating $4-6k per month

Jumpstart Your Freedom Today!

George will give you the TOOLS & TRAINING you need to:

  • Pinpoint Median Luxury properties you can buy, rent, lease or manage to make huge profits within weeks
  • Find the perfect pricing for your median-luxury vacation rental to maximize your monthly income
  • Build an optimized listing that sings your property’s praises and compels customers to click the Instant Book Option
  • Design a median-luxury vacation rental website that showcases your authority as a rental expert (and boosts what you can charge)
  • Provide your guests with a unique experience they’ll remember for years to come – and will rave about it in their reviews
  • Find the perfect pricing for your median-luxury vacation rental to maximize your monthly income
  • Track and use data to help you easily identify a “loser listing” and turn it into a winner that pulls bookings in no time
  • Connect with your guests using our quick, “no-fuss” method so they know everything about their stay before they even get to your property
  • Get your visitors and renters to gladly leave you 5-STAR Reviews – it’s more than just the experience!



During the 3 day live bootcamp, we will walk you through all the steps from start to finish and partner up with you if you’re struggling to find your market or want to venture to our own STR markets.

With a Powerhouse Team of Experts in STR, Marketing, Staging & Design and Finances/ Funding by your side, we can only guarantee you PURE results.
But that’s only the start…

5 Houses 2 Freedom STR Boot Camp also teaches how to BEST MARKET Median-Luxury Houses. So you’ve got the perfect property and amazing amenities. What’s next? Don’t be like many others who get lost on the stage because they simply put up their houses on AirBnb then cross their fingers and hope for the best. We’ll teach you wickedly effective tactics and practices behind getting your property in front of travelers via Online Travel Agencies…OR teach you how to create a DIRECT BOOKING site for yourself!

With the right strategy and tools, your listings will attract the best customers happy to pay your price (or more) to stay at your vacation rental.

The Most Comprehensive STR Training

Use George Salas’ Time- Tested And Easy-to-Implement Blueprint:


“Sweet Spot” Market Research Methodology. Know your numbers to succeed. Market research is not as easy. Sure, there are softwares out there to help you out and they are awesome! But without the expert experience, the expectations and reality of these data might surprise and frustrate you.

“Anatomy of a $5k-10k+/ Month House”. Many real estate investors think that location is everything. But my 10,000+ hours of mastering my craft in STR/Airbnbs proved that the type of property you have is as important. And you can well transform any property into a highly profitable one.

Professional Staging & Design Process. Time and quality is of the essence. You can DIY all you want but you’ve got to know all the principles that highly profitable houses follow to ensure a timely and eye-catching design with the experience that guests are craving for.

Topnotch Listing Strategy. So you’re not a marketer or a writer yourself but you have to ensure that your listing goes up the search engine and compels your guests to click that instant booking button. And this is always a dynamic game you’ve got to play. Have you got the winning tactics?

Data-Driven Booking & Pricing Strategy. Worried that you might not get booked in advance, fall behind your payment obligations and not reach your goal revenue? Want insider access to the trade secrets in hacking your prices and giving out discounts that are actually more profitable for you as host?

Automation Tools for a Supercharged STR. Real estate has evolved with all the technology available at our disposal. Misuse of these automation softwares will get you frustrated and waste your money. Learn the best tools based on hosts’ feedback and craft the perfect wordings in message templates for automation.

Front Desk, Housekeeping, & Maintenance Systems/Processes. You don’t want to be acquiring highly profitable houses then get a headache with all the little tasks that the business entails such as cleaning and consistently communicating with guests. Hiring a reliable & trustworthy team is an investment and an indication of freedom in your end.

Best of all – you’ll learn how to put the entire process on AUTOPILOT so you can scale quickly until you’re earning the income you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s Time To Take MASSIVE ACTION Toward Your Dream

“Before I even joined with George, I was really trying to work on my script [negotiating with landlords] to make it not sound just like what everyone else is doing. So I kept doing that, and a lot of things that George said and his other lessons I kept working on and tweaking it. So I think I finally tweaked it well. 

I ended up making a very great connection with the landlord that has multiple properties. And I think it's going to be a very good ongoing relationship where I could probably get more properties.”

Austing Goree, identified, acquired, staged & launched his listing via Rental Arbitrage in 52 days since joining the program generating $7k-8k monthly cash flow.

Kathy Gunding

“Well, well worth it. The pricing strategy alone has kept me going. George has more knowledge than he can even convey. Every time [he] does [the training], it gets better and better. If you get this knowledge that George has and apply it to properties, it will move so much faster.”

Kathy Gundling, tripled her Galveston portfolio’s income using our pricing & performance strategies

Scott Henderson

“George has really changed all the short-term rentals that we have. At that time when I met him, we had 2-3, now we’re up to 10, 2 of which are Superhost status and our occupancy the last 3 months have been 95% more. He’s allowed us to be a lot more profitable than the standard lead.”

Scott Henderson, Multi-Family Units Owner



Meet the Team


Build Your STR Foundation For Success

Gain powerful clarity into what you really want to achieve for your STR business by creating your goals, analyzing the Median-Luxury Niche, identifying your perfect property, examining investment metrics and price setting for your STRs. 

Meet the Team


Transform Your Property to Profit

Execute your day one training by stepping into actual properties in the market and evaluating them. Learn how to set up and design your property and create a listing that commands premium fees

Meet the Team


Bring Your Vision To Life

Get your business started with all your numbers in place:  Profit & Loss Analysis, Budgeting, Income Projections and Funding.



5 Houses 2 Freedom is a LIVE, HANDS-ON STR TRAINING With the Option to Participate IN-PERSON or VIRTUALLY.

The bootcamp is an immersive and interactive training which means you need to prepare your laptop, notes and pen to join the exercises provided everyday.


As with everything in life, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.

Participation is KEY and we expect you to play full out! Rest assured, George and the 5H2F team will be there for you 100% every step of the way.