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November 1-4 in Houston, TX

Complete Step by Step Blueprint to STR Success: Master Our 5 Master Pillars of STR Success

Generate 100- 1000% More Revenue and Profits Without Owning or Renting a Single House.

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Invest in one of the FASTEST-Growing and HIGHLY PROFITABLE Real Estate Markets in America.

George Salas - Real Estate Investment Specialist

Dear Real Estate Investor,

As you may now be aware, travel is gaining steam post-pandemic.

Here’s some good news for you and the Short-Term Rental industry.

Good news #1: Seasonality in STR is out of season.

With remote work and learning taking place, AirBnb reports a significant percentage of Americans traveling during off-peak times and in more local areas.

Consistent cash flow is NOW in season.

Good news #2: Vacation rental guests opt for spacious houses and longer stays.

According to AirDNA, hosts who managed bigger, single-family units made out best during and post-pandemic with only 30% of guests booking short stays of a week or less.

We’ll help you acquire these in-demand houses.

Good news #3: More Americans plan meaningful vacations.

Guests now don’t care as much about the tourist spots as before. What they care more about now is who they’re with and what they can do together post-pandemic.

Larger homes with complete amenities are their go-to vacation spots.

Our in-house experts from acquiring, staging and marketing will guarantee 5-star experience for your guests and an influx of income for you.

My friend, did you know?

A Single Median-Luxury Vacation Rental House Can Return 100 – 1000% More In Monthly Revenue than other standard vacation rentals!

If you’ve been wanting to grow your real estate business to 6 or 7-figures just like mine…

Let me tell you what got me to 10x my income and hit the road to financial freedom.

In 2018, I dived deep in the real estate arena from being a bankrupt night club owner.

I sustained my real estate business while being a nightclub promoter- the struggles were immense.

August 2018, I hit $10k in STR income.⁣⁣⁣

Fast forward to 2021, I finally hit my 6-figure a month mark.

What made the big difference to my real estate business was niching down to Short-term Rentals and AirBnBs...

And finding an even smaller niche of much more highly profitable rentals- median- luxury, single family residential homes.

Do you know why Median- Luxury Houses are the way to go?
My more than 3 years of working in this hyper- targeted niche shows that Median- Luxury Houses have the following unique characteristics:

Provide Better Amenities

  • Has Additional Space and Value 
  • Higher Average Daily Rates  
  • It’s the new STR waive of 2021-2022
  • Perfect for Backpack / Group traveling 
  • Has Less Supply & More Demand

Over time, I created the exact formula for a “Perfect Property Avatar” which generates a liberating $5k- 10k+/ month.

With the goal of helping others successfully jump in this lucrative industry, I entered a new venture:

LuxHomePro- with its STR Experts joins me in bringing you…

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build your 6 or 7-figure real estate portfolio with only Five MEDIAN- LUXURY Short-term Rentals.

During the 3.5 day live bootcamp, we will teach you

The 5 Master Pillars of STR Success.
 We will walk you through all the steps from start to finish and partner up with you if you’re struggling to find your market or want to venture to our own STR markets.

With a powerhouse of resources and STR & digital marketing experts by your side, we can only guarantee you PURE results.

Make no mistake about it!

Vacation rentals are no mere fad.

The craze has launched one of the biggest companies in the online space – AirBnB.

Now, you’ll not have to blindly take the leap to vacation rentals all on your own because no stones will be left unturned when you attend the 5 House 2 Freedom Boot Camp .

With the demand for affordable & luxurious accommodation exploding over recent months, entrepreneurs are generating 6 and 7- figure PROFITS by giving travelers and short-term renters exactly what they want!

Will you be one of the select FEW to exploit this NEW MEDIAN- LUXURY market right now, creating a business that produces…

  • Revenue Streams of $5k- 10k+/ month Per House Every Single Month

  • Little Maintenance Or Work On Your Part, With Much of the Management Outsourced

  • A Median-Luxury Property Portfolio Where You Can Actively Build Profits Year After Year

  • A Successful STR Business In Your Region Within This BOOMING Industry

There’s no stopping this goldmine
STR market, my friend!

Are you ready to fast track your income and be one
of the few early adopters to dig your way to freedom?

We Are On A Mission of Freeing Real Estate Investors With Just 5 Houses....

Check out what our clients have to say about us.

“Man, I'm glad that I'm now connected with George... I'm just excited. I mean, this is my first Airbnb.

Before, I was a little scared of how all this was gonna play out. But once I made my foot into the door, for the first time to see after everything was completed... I was like, Wow, this is amazing.

Definitely jump into the program. Definitely begin your journey to the Airbnb world. Connect with George Salas and his team. He's got his own coaching program. His girlfriend's an interior designer. He's got his own cleaning team. He's got a whole team of nothing but resources available to you.”

Shawn Warner
Shawn Warner
Christoffer Munoz
Chris Munoz

“ I feel like the program is set up to or whether you're a seasoned investor or you're new, it benefits you either way.”
- Chris Munoz, getting his first Rental Arbitrage Airbnb negotiated & leased within 30 days of joining & generating $7-8k monthly cash flow.

“George has really changed all the short-term rentals that we have. At that time when I met him, we had 2-3, now we’re up to 10, 2 of which are Superhost status and our occupancy the last 3 months have been 95% more. He’s allowed us to be a lot more profitable than the standard lead.”

Scott Henderson
Scott Henderson
Kathy Gunding
Kathy Gundling

"Well, well worth it. The pricing strategy alone has kept me going. George has more knowledge than he can even convey. Every time [he] does [the training], it gets better and better. If you get this knowledge that George has and apply it to properties, it will move so much faster.”
-Kathy Gundling, tripled her Galveston portfolio’s income with our pricing & performance strategies.

“Without George’s training, his experience and his hands-on techniques, I probably wouldn’t have made that leap [to Airbnb]. Now, I definitely solved the problem of finding that 2nd, 3rd or 4th source of income, now it’s pretty much tripled my income. George knows what he’s talking about, he definitely has experience”.

Ruben Stunner
Ruben Stunner

Launch Your Own STR Business With Just 5 Houses

I have built this system from the ground up based on 3+ years of hands-on experience...

A proven system of what works and what doesn’t not just in my STR business but in the vacation rental market as a whole.

So if you’re wondering…

How does the 5 Houses 2 Freedom Boot Camp work?

  1. 1
    You will be equipped with the 5 Master Pillars of STR Success and all the necessary tools and proven systems in finding the right market and the perfect property.
  2. 2
    You will work hand in hand with STR experts in the median-luxury space that will guide you in acquiring and transforming your properties into five $5k- 10k+/ month houses.
  3. 3
    You will be taught how to outsource about 90% of your work so that you can free up your time and acquire another property!

November 1-4 in Houston, TX

The 5 Houses 2 Freedom Live Boot Camp also teaches how to best MARKET Median-Luxury Houses.

So you’ve got the perfect property and amazing amenities. What’s next?

Don’t be like many others who get lost on the stage because they simply put up their houses on AirBnb and other vacation rental platforms then cross their fingers and hope for the best.

Once you know the tactics and best practices behind getting your property in front of travelers, your listings will attract the best customers happy to pay your price (or more) to stay at your vacation rental.

Statistics show an increasing number of guests ready to travel, are you ready to take advantage of this growing demand and 10x your income?

Why 5 Homes 2 Freedom Is Different

If you’re going to cash in on the 5 Homes 2 Freedom Bootcamp, you need to follow a proven process.

Most of the successful systems are strict, and 5 Houses 2 Freedom STR Bootcamp is no different. But there are plenty of other things that set us apart from everything else.

#1 One of the biggest differences is that the 5H2F doesn’t require you to have thousands of dollars invested in each property or house.

If you don’t want to, you don't even have to go out and find a property, learn about decorating and staging, digital marketing or pricing and booking strategy, etc.

You can simply ride at our coattails and we’ll help you locate that high-performing property, find that deal in the hot STR market and then teach you exactly what it is we do to spice these listings up.

OR you can literally just partner with us on deals that we're working for with 90% of the work outsourced. And then just wait for your paycheck every month.

I mean, WE know what we are doing in this STR market…

And YOU don’t want to go through all the intricacies of the business but you’re very interested in the cash flow, so, why not?

#2 Another unique advantage is that 5H2F is not tied to a single platform.

The same strategies and techniques you use on AirBnB will also work on HomeAway, VRBO, TripAdvisor — or any other platform you can think of.

Plus, we’re going to teach you how to advertise outside of the main platforms and how to get direct bookings.


As you know, Jerry Conti, co-founder of 5 Houses 2 Freedom, is also the CEO of BoomSTR- the only digital marketing company providing a direct booking website with fully integrated channel management and enterprise-level software.


You will learn the future of short-term rentals and be ahead of the game in terms of taking better control over customers and staying above the competition digitally. 

#3 And finally, the 5H2F is not reliant on a single money-making strategy.

When you learn the entire system, you’ll discover 3 different money-making strategies based on:

  1. Finding Median- Luxury Homes

  2. Leasing & Marketing Median- Luxury Homes

  3. Co-Hosting Other People’s Median- Luxury Homes

Each strategy is distinct. Each works to a different level. But each is a viable and valuable way of building income from Median- Luxury Vacation Rentals.

Here’s a breakdown of what you will get in the three-day “5 Houses 2 Freedom Bootcamp":

  • “Sweet Spot” Market Research Methodology. Know your numbers to succeed. Market research is not as easy. Sure, there are softwares out there to help you out and they are awesome! But without the expert experience, the expectations and reality of these data might surprise and frustrate you.
  • “Anatomy of a $5k-10k+/ Month House”. Many real estate investors think that location is everything. But my 3+ years and 10,000+ hours of mastering my craft in STR/ Airbnbs proved that the type of property you have is as important. And you can well transform any property into a highly profitable one.
  • Brand New STR Acquisition Strategy. This is what I developed through the years for my business that is working extremely well in the median-luxury home market. No, you don’t need to already own a property. No, you don’t need to have $100k in the bank. No, you don’t even need to buy or rent new properties if you don’t want to.
  • Professional Staging & Design Process. Time and quality is of the essence. You can DIY all you want but you’ve got to know all the principles that highly profitable houses follow to ensure a timely and eye-catching design with the experience that guests are craving for.
  • Topnotch Listing Strategy. So you’re not a marketer or a writer yourself but you have to ensure that your listing goes up the search engine and compels your guests to click that instant booking button. And this is always a dynamic game you’ve got to play. Have you got the winning tactics?
  • Data-Driven Booking & Pricing Strategy. Worried that you might not get booked in advance, fall behind your payment obligations and not reach your goal revenue? Want insider access to the trade secrets in hacking your prices and giving out discounts that are actually more profitable for you as host?
  • VSTR Formula Virtual Assistant Program. Freedom isn’t just financial, it’s also about quitting that 9-5 grind that most people live their life. You may have to invest hands-on time training in the beginning but there is a way for smooth and better days with hiring an outstanding team to grow your vacation rental business. And you can do so with only a fraction of the cost.
  • Supercharged Your STR Business With Automation Tools. Real estate has evolved with all the technology available at our disposal. I, myself, have tried tons of tools, got frustrated and lost money with misuse of these automation software. It also took a lot of experience to craft the perfect wordings in message templates that will be sent for automation. I finally learned what to retain and dispose of with the tools that we use.
  • Front Desk, Housekeeping, & Maintenance Systems/Processes. You don’t want to be acquiring highly profitable houses then get a headache with all the little tasks that the business entails such as cleaning and consistently communicating with guests. Hiring a reliable & trustworthy team is an investment and an indication of freedom in your end as well.


If your application is successful to join us at 5 Houses 2 Freedom STR Bootcamp, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to succeed in your STR business and make a consistent cash stream in the Median-Luxury Vacation Rentals space.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the event content and you let us know by 12:00pm on Day Two, you WILL receive your money back (less hard costs).

No questions asked.

November 1-4  
The Westin Oaks Houston in Houston, Texas

To set your expectations…

Once you click the Apply Now button, you will be led to a brief survey to check if you’re a good fit to 5 Houses 2 Freedom STR Bootcamp.

We will respond to the email you sent and inform you of the status of your application along with the ticket price within 24 hours.

From there, we will give you further directions.

Still Have Questions?

Can you give me a rundown of the 3-day 5H2F Bootcamp?

Is the 5H2F Bootcamp more fit for New Investors or Seasoned Entrepreneurs?

Why do you have an application process? Does this mean I may get declined to attend?

A few final words...

The way I see it, you only have three options, my friend:

Option #1: Do nothing and stay where you are.

This is for you if you’re okay with missing out on the 10x increase in cash flow that this hottest trend in the STR industry has got going…

...If you are fine to go back to the chunks of cash you earn from wholesaling or fix & flipping, etc…

...If you are okay staying in the never-ending rat race of real estate, grinding after every closed deal again and again and again...

...If you’re not tired of hustling for your STRs just to keep them fully booked and earning…

...If you’re already content with your STR portfolio and systems you use to manage them...

Maybe your business is doing well. It’s running by itself. And you can pretty much do whatever you want to.

Maybe you have everything you need covered and I respect that.

Option #2: Do it yourself.

Which means spending a minimum of 3 years learning (at least for me it was 3 years), buying multiple thousand dollar courses & mastermind events and experimenting.

If you’re willing to work hard, brush off failures like it’s nothing, then maybe someday you could pull it off.

And while there’s no guarantee it will work, you could take comfort in the fact that you didn’t have to spend a cent- only years of trial and error.

Option #3: Apply to 5 Homes 2 Freedom NOW.

I and my LuxHome Pro Partners will show you how to master the 5H2F Profit Formula that will help you achieve STR success.

I and my LuxHomePro Partners will show you how to master the 5 Pillars of STR Success.

We will help you acquire 5 Median-Luxury Houses and transform them into $10k/ month houses that will bring you financial freedom…

And you can do all of these with peace of mind knowing that you’ve got expert guidance holding your hand from acquisition to execution.


I know this is a big decision. So let me help you.

Forget everything you’ve read for a second and ask yourself…

“Why am I reading this page now?”

I mean, I sure called your attention but it wasn’t me or my writing that brought you here.

Generally, it’s because of an unmet goal, an unrealized potential or an unlived life…

Maybe you want less time grinding to find and close real estate deals and want more time for yourself and your loved ones...
Maybe you’ve been eyeing that luxury adventure trip for your sweetheart and kids and you thought this might just be your ticket to easily save up…
Maybe you know you can grow more as an investor and entrepreneur and you’re hoping that this might be the opportunity you needed and wanted...
I don’t know you personally but whatever is your reason for reading this… got you here.

And the fact that you’re still with me, I believe you’re one of the few who has the drive to make this a reality.

I think deep down you already know who you want to be.

All that’s left to do is to own it.


George Salas

Apply to Attend the Live STR Boot Camp
Where You will Learn the Proven Profit Formula That Can Bring You The Freedom You’ve Always Wanted
With Just 5 Median-Luxury Houses
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