What about COVID-19, Social Distancing and Lockdowns?

This is a great question and one you should be asking.

Everyone has their belief system and opinion of "what might happen" and "when this will be over"… however, while no-one knows for sure when some sort of "normal life" will return post the COVID-19 crisis, what we are seeing is an upward trend and climbing demands for Luxury Short Term Rentals.

People are looking for a luxury short term alternative to their cramped city lifestyles, closed up in hotels and apartment buildings with little fresh air, cramped elevators and a higher risk of catching the virus.

Right now, a high demand for searches is being made online for Luxury Short Term Rental locations.

Luxury Short Term Rentals located in sunny, warm locations include:

  • Wide-open spaces
  • 4-7 bedrooms & 2-4 bathrooms
  • Sleep 4-16 people comfortably
  • Open living facilities
  • Large backyards
  • Swimming pools
  • Superfast internet
  • Some with their own office space

These HIGH DEMAND Luxury properties are also perfect for wealthy overseas students stuck in the USA but can't get a dorm room and need a relaxing place to chill out and stay safe.

PLUS – the rich always travel, and with airlines running limited flights and global travel suppressed, demand will continue to rise for premium Luxury Short Term Rentals in exclusive locations across the USA.

Luxury Rental Homes are immaculate to start with, but because of COVID-19, they are also now CLEANER than ever. These properties have been sanitized from roof to floor, making them safe for travelers and their occupants.

When things do return to normal, you'll have an asset that can generate tremendous revenue and profit, year after year, and you'll have acquired it when the deal terms were the best they'll be before years to come.

That's why NOW is the time to get in and learn the game . . .

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