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If you’re operating a vacation rental property today you probably realize the marketplace is changing dramatically. But have you thought much about how the change is affecting you and your business specifically?

Well, there’s some good news . . .

👍 Bookings are increasing.

The public continues to prefer vacation rentals like yours over hotel rooms and there’s no sign this trend is slowing down. In fact, it’s increasing nearly everywhere. That means more eyeballs on your listing and plenty of demand to keep prices higher than ever.

Now the bad news . . .

👎 First, the big brands are getting bigger as market leaders continue to raise capital, expand their business models and gobble up competitors.

👎 Second, regulation is increasing and it’s going to continue to be skewed in favor of the big brands and the hotel industry.

👎 Third, competition is going to continue to increase.

👎 Fourth, automation is giving savvy operators ever larger market advantages, especially when it comes to data-driven dynamic pricing.

👎 Finally, booking sites are cannibalizing their own customers like you, as they acquire their own portfolios of properties and give them premier advantages on their sites.

Maybe you’re already feeling the pinch . . .

Is your booking rate lower and vacancy rate higher? Are there many more vacation rentals in your area? Have the big brands like Vacasa, TurnKey, Evolve or Avant Stays moved into town?

Even if you’re doing as well as ever financially, are you spending a lot more time than you used to just to make the same dollar? Are you concerned about regulation, new licensing and certification requirements, new tax reporting requirements that are forcing you to invest more time and money into your business than you ever planned?

Do you have that uncomfortable feeling that everything is moving toward automation and you’re unprepared or falling behind? If so you’re not alone!

You got into a cottage industry that was fun and exciting...

Customer service mattered. Your own personal touch made a difference. The time and care you put into your property, your listing and your relationship with guests paid big dividends and gave you a sense of fulfillment. You understood that what travelers wanted was a unique experience and not so long ago that’s what people could find on sites like AirBnB -- thousands of unique vacation lodging choices, made special by the care and attention of operators like you.

Now all that seems to be going the way of the dinosaur.

Strange isn’t it . . . the very thing that caused the vacation rental market to explode -- people’s desire for personal and unique travel lodging experiences -- is now disappearing as the big brands do what they always do . . . which is  dumping millions of dollars into marketing a homogenous product, overwhelming the little guys, canabilzing one another and taking all the fun, romance and uniqueness away in order to “scale” their business models for Wall Street.

The really bad news for you is that this “corporate takeover” is already in full swing. It’s happening and there’s not much you can do about it, without help. Our little cottage industry is rapidly becoming the hottest niche in big-business real estate. It’s Wal*Mart against Main Street all over again. It’s McDonalds versus the local diner. It’s suburban Mega Malls trumping downtown shopping districts.

Then again . . . Even though Wal*Mart, McDonalds and Mega Malls seem to be everywhere, they didn’t put all the mom and pop businesses on the canvas did they? Many have survived and are thriving.

What sets the survivors apart? Adaptation without Assimilation.

If you learn to adapt without losing the very qualities that have made you special.

Adapt and overcome and you will thrive in the new vacation rental marketplace.

Lux Co-Host is here to help you do just that.

Here are just a few of our STR Operators who are thriving today!

Lux Co-Host was founded out of a commitment to help small operators preserve what’s special about the vacation rental business, while adapting to new market realities. We train and empower operators to adapt and automate for success in the new market environment. Our operators stand out from the crowd, providing the unique personal experiences that travelers want, while operating their businesses efficiently to maximize returns.

That’s the beauty of the Lux Co-Host. We help you adapt and thrive. You and your property or properties are unique. It’s what makes you special. It’s why people book with you in the first place. You help make their vacations, business travel and family events special in ways the big brands just can’t match.

As a Lux Co-Host Operator, you do what you already do best -- create and maintain your own special lodging and traveler services.

We do what we do best -- help you adapt and automate to maximize your returns, with less time and far fewer headaches.

Join us in Scottsdale for a fast-paced review of current market realities in the vacation rental space along with four specific strategies to beat the big brands and thrive for years to come.

Sound exciting?
Seats are just $97
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March 7th in Scottsdale, AZ

At this special event you’ll Learn How To...

Make Your Property Irresistible to Your Core Customer

  • The #1 Mistake People Make on Their Booking Site Listings
  • How to Get Thousands More Eyeballs on Your Listings
  • Why Most Operators Put the Wrong Information on Their Listings
  • How People Really Choose a Property (Hint: It’s not just the price)

Market Your Property Effectively to Your Core Customer

  • Why Volume Trumps Efficiency in Vacation Rental Marketing
  • How to Write Ads That Get Clicks to Your booking site
  • How to Make Social Media Work for You 24/7/365
  • Why You Don’t Have to be a “Techie” to Market Effectively

Price Your Property to Maximize Income Year Round (even in seasonal markets)

  • Why You MUST Have Pre-Set Income Targets Every Month
  • The Money-Making Secret You Need to Know about Thursdays
  • The 4 x 80 Rule That Guarantees You Won’t Leave Money on the Table
  • Manage Your Calendar to Optimize Pricing on Your Most Valuable Days

Dramatically Increase Direct Bookings and Avoid Costly Booking Site Fees

  • Why You Must Have Your Own Book-Direct Booking Site in Today’s Market
  • Why You Are Now Competing With the Booking Sites (and what to do about it)
  • 3 Secrets to Generating High Quality Traffic Directly to Your Booking Site
  • How to Use Your Website to Attract Customers in Ways the Booking Sites Don’t Allow

You’ll also learn about Lux Co-Hosting and how our Lux Co-Host Operators are successfully adapting to the new Vacation Rental Market without losing the personal touch that travelers crave.

And . . . 🥁🥁🥁

We will be making a MAJOR industry announcement about a new vacation rental platform that will revolutionize the way individual vacation rental property operators successfully compete and win!

Join us on March 7th in Scottsdale Arizona and be among the first in the world to learn about this new platform and receive a free personalized vacation property income optimization report.

Claim your seat and get an income optimization report!

If you’re concerned about all the changes happening in the vacation rental market as it morphs into a major industry. . .

If you’re wondering how things in your market will change when the big brands enter (or how to thrive if they already have!) . . .

If you feel out of step or overwhelmed with all the new technology systems involved in vacation rental operations . . .

And most importantly, if you want to thrive today and into the future without having to master all the new technology for marketing, booking engines, websites, pricing, calendaring and social media . . .so you can focus on doing what you already do best -- taking great personalized care of travelers . . .

The Register Today!

We’ll see you in sunny Scottsdale on March 7th at 10 AM- 1PM.

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