Spend 2 days with my TEAM and I — VIP Style!

Let us help you start your very own SIX-FIGURE STR BUSINESS

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Dave Bynum Jerry Conti

Jerry Conti & Dave Bynam

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, due to the one-on-one, time-intensive, and  “At Your 7-Star Service”® nature of this  exclusive, 1-on-1, deal-making day, we always have a very limited number of dates available (and an unlimited number of LuxHomePro students lined up outside who want them.)

A small number of LuxVIP Day invites — invitation only, which were randomly selected — have just gone out along with yours.

Currently we have 4 LuxVIP Days available and a maximum of only 3 students per VIP Day will be allowed.

Luckily, yours was one the first invite sent. So …

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Imagine… flying into our headquarters and being met by our team, then getting into our deluxe LTAC (Lux Training Acquisition Center) – a fully loaded Mercedes limousine for a full day and-a -half! Gain insider access to some of the most powerful hacks, tricks and automation tools that the short term rental industry has to offer. Join me, Jerry Conti and our LuxHomePro Holdings TEAM!

Call us crazy, but what we learned early on is… if you want to do something right, hang out with the experts!  That’s why we put this crazy offer together.  This is only for those of you who really want to up their game, get things moving fast and learn some of the insider strategies that are going to help explode your business .

Here is what you will get:

  • 1 ½ days (12 hours) with us in {Scottsdale, AZ} working on your business
  • VIP Tour {Looking at Profitable Properties}
  • Maximizing your true potential and realizing where you need to begin
  • Analyzing your road map
  • Prioritizing your day

We’ll take you through the entire process step-by-step using the same methods we perfected while building our six-figure rental business… without the headaches.

Spend a day with my team and I: Valued at: $9,997

Climb on board the LTAC, tour some amazing properties and learn exactly how each deal was structured.

Top 10 things you will learn:

  1. Setting up properties for success
  2. Where to buy and how to save bigtime on your purchases
  3. Structuring the right deal for you and your business
  4. Tips on maximizing your profits, and automating your business
  5. The Stacking of property methodology
  6. Locating the perfect property
  7. Marketing outside of Airbnb and the short term rental platforms (this will blow your mind), generate 2 to 3 times your daily rental rates or more on properties you don’t even own. {Prime Time Rentals} It’s definitely not what you’re thinking!
  8. Generating fast cash from other people’s property! No one is doing this!
  9. The art of Calendar Management
  10. How to be a 5 star host working less and generating more
  11. The art of networking and bringing in clients

Plus you’ll get these bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: How to structure 6 figure paychecks and get paid to do it… valued at $299
  • Bonus 2: How to profit on properties you don’t own. valued at $399
  • Bonus 3: Access to our platform to run your day to day operations. valued at $499
  • Bonus 4: 1-Hour business strategy session on how to set up your business, valued at $997
  • Bonus 5: Our Profit Formula Course valued at $997
  • Bonus 6: One – Free Ticket to our 3-Day Bootcamp to hone in your skills, this is intensive training and can be completed within a year of your VIP Day! Valued at $2,995

…and so much more

Total value $16,183

You’ll leave with the rare experience of having sat in on actual property business deals. You will have gained direct coaching with regard to properties in your area, with the opportunity to have had every single question and concern answered.

FAIR WARNING: The LuxHomePro VIP Experience is NOT for everyone.

We’ve created this exclusive opportunity for the “few who do.” If you think that’s you, then follow the link below to apply.

If you’re not still not sure, consider this…

We are limiting access to people who have the passion and drive to leverage the massive opportunity available in the luxury vacation rental business NOW WHILE WE ARE STILL AT THE FRONT OF THE WAVE.

Our time is, as you can imagine, extremely valuable.

We’re growing a business, acquiring more and more properties for ourselves and our students, managing a portfolio and providing high-level mentoring …

If someone like LeBron James offers a basketball camp where a few hundred kids come and learn from the best, that’s pretty cool.

But if LeBron was going to spend two days with just one or two kids, they’d better be prepared, motivated, and better have some aptitude, right?

So, that’s the thing: I humbly admit to you that I am the LeBron James of the STR industry.

I want to spend my valuable time with people who truly want to get everything they can from a rare opportunity and who want to apply what they learn right away.

That’s why we require applications for this exclusive opportunity — so we can be sure that you’re the kind of person, at the right time, with the strong motivation to get on board and ride the BIG WAVE with me!

I’m going to be honest, a day with me potentially handing you your first deal is not cheap. But it IS very reasonable (to say the very least), affordable and inconsequential compared to what you’ll get in return.

When you apply below you’ll simply click a button to submit the application as well as a fully refundable $995 deposit. We will then review your application and call you to ask some further clarifying questions to determine where you are in your journey and how we can best help supercharge your success. If we both decide this is a fit, your deposit will be applied towards the fee for the day of only $5,995. If we decide it’s not it will be refunded to you immediately.

Sound good? HECK YES it does! Just ask Pearl!

Do you think a 2.5 million dollar house might give your new vacation rental investing business a little jump start?

Apply below, and I have a feeling I’ll be seeing you soon.

When you fly into Scottsdale for your Lux Locator Trip:

  • You’ll be picked up & dropped off at the airport
  • You’ll enjoy 2 nights at a 5 Star Scottsdale Hotel
  • You’ll join Jerry & Dave for breakfast and then spend the day in the LTAC with property tours, lease negotiations and mentoring.
  • PLUS, you’ll receive 3 months of group coaching on locating properties. (including 6 group Zoom conferences)

By applying today, you are confirming a request to be considered for our exclusive 1 ½ Day VIP training as stated above and are ready to commit to a date when we call you.

You will also be billed a $995 deposit that is 100% refundable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I bring a guest with me? No, unfortunately space is limited and we want to focus on each student by providing the maximum support, content, training and direction for each student attending.
  • Is this deposit refundable? Yes, if for any reason you decide not to move forward you will be given a 100% refund.
  • How much does this cost? The total cost for the VIP Day is $5,995, minus the $995 you put down on deposit. Total due once accepted $5,000.  This is for 1 ½ days of intensive training and all the bonuses provided above.
  • I already have the Profit Formula Course, can I get a credit? Unfortunately not, we are always updating the course and are providing this package as a special for students.  If you were to try and buy each item individually the cost would be 3 times as much if not more.
  • How do I know this will help? Great question, we do our best to work with each student based on their skill level and we will do our best to provide you a thorough breakdown of all the processes and techniques.  Everyone retains information differently, we suggest taking notes and utilizing the tools we provide.  Plus you will be automatically enrolled in our weekly Q&A Live call program so we can address anything you may have forgotten or need help with on those calls.

By applying today, you are confirming a request to be considered for our exclusive 1 ½ Day VIP training as stated above and are ready to commit to a date when we call you.

You will also be billed a $995 deposit that is 100% refundable.