Build Weekly Cash Flow Wealth
With Median Luxury Short Term Rentals

Discover Why Short Term Rentals
Are The Fastest Sector In Real Estate

Since the inception of Airbnb back in August 2008, the short term rental industry has grown by leaps and bounds.  In fact they generated over 3.3 billion in revenue in 2020 alone.

And there are 5.6 million global listings in 100,000 cities worldwide.

Median Luxury Short Term Rentals

Now more than ever the world has gone from an ownership model to a shared economy model.  More and more real estate professionals and entrepreneurs are adding Median Luxury Short Term Rentals to their portfolios because of one great characteristic.

Weekly Cash Flow

Real estate offers a wide range of opportunities, from buying and selling single family homes, fix and flips, multi-family, wholesaling, etc…

However, with each of those approaches comes a waiting period to get paid.  If you own a home and you have a long term tenant, you get paid one time per month.  If you fix and flip, your capital might be tied up for months while you are closing your deal and completing renovations.  But with Median Luxury Short Term Rentals you get paid 1 - 2 times per week.

Think about how attractive that is, having that cash flow direct deposited into

your bank account week in and week out.

But Not All STRs Are Created Equally

If you have traveled at all during the past 10 years you know that people are not automatically staying in hotels any longer.  People go on vacation and they travel in groups, so renting a super cool property in the STR world is now the preferred way to lodge during travel.

And if you have ever stayed at an STR you know the types of experiences you can have.  Some properties are amazing, with attention to detail, fantastic customer service from the host, a true 5-star experience.

And then there are properties out there that are mediocre at best, the type of home you would never return to.

We Create 1% STR Properties

There are 5 Key Pillars to Creating a 1% Property

Pillar 1


If you are looking for the best deal for your STR and do not have a particular area identified, then choosing the correct area to suit your goals is the first step in the equation.

We use 4 software programs to identify trends and opportunities.

Do you want a seasonal rental, such as a ski house, a beach house, etc, or is a yearly weather pattern more to your liking, such as San Diego?

Pillar 2

The Perfect Property

Ok, you’ve selected an area to develop your new STR business and now it’s time to hunt for The Perfect Property.  As we have said from the beginning, our goal for you is for you to run a 1% property.  That means that your property outperforms 99% of all the other STR properties out there.  How does that sound?  Good right?

Well It Is No Accident

This is where we find newbies and amateurs in the industry who make the mistake of falling in love with a property rather than having the numbers do the talking.  Think about it, when you tour a luxury house it’s easy to see yourself entertaining friends and family, hosting business retreats, getaways and vacations.

Instead, we take the approach of doing a deep dive into the numbers prior to ever-entertaining an offer.

If the numbers don’t work then they simply don’t work.

Often Time The Best Deal Is The One You Walk Away From

Pillar 3

Perfect Staging and Design

So you found your ideal house and now you’re ready to fill it up with all the goodies your guests could ever want.

Setting up your house for STR guests is completely different than any other way you would set up the house.  It’s not necessarily what to buy, but it’s what to take out of the house.  What are those items that would be a hazard, easily broken, invite theft, etc…  Once you know the answers to those things, then you can be confident that your ongoing expenses to operate the house will be minimal.

We have created an extensive list of items and where to get them, all designed to remove the anxiety of furnishing a luxury house.

Pillar 4

The Perfect Marketing Strategy

Let’s make some money.  The area is picked, the house has been secured, it is set up and ready to go…

Now let’s get it listed and earn you money

When you search for rentals on Airbnb for example, do you scroll to the 10th page to find your next STR, or do you most likely pick a property from the first page?  Of course, the hottest properties are always on the first page.  Think about searching for anything on Google, it’s the same thing. If your search result isn’t on the first page then you pass.

Well, we have an inside look into how to get your STR listed on the first page of Airbnb, and also other sites. They have a specific algorithm they use.  Why go out there and wing it, and hope your listing shows on that first page. Instead, follow our simple steps and shine on the first page.

Pillar 5

The 5 Star Guest Experience

You can master all 4 Pillars and still fail miserably in the business.  And that comes down to hosting your property effectively.

The lifeblood of your business in STR is The 5 Star Review.

Just a few 4 Star Reviews and your listing can be knocked off the first page of most booking sites.  Even if everything goes to plan and there are no issues during a guest's stay, it’s not an automatic 5 Star Review.

But if you can follow a proven strategy and system that ensures that 5 Star Review, even during a stay filled with issues and mishaps, then you will be well on your way to becoming our next 1% STR Success Story.

Well, we have an inside look into how to get your STR listed on the first page of Airbnb, and also other sites. They have a specific algorithm they use.  Why go out there and wing it, and hope your listing shows on that first page. Instead, follow our simple steps and shine on the first page.

People always ask us “What’s the secret to success in the STR industry?”

Simple, there is no 1 magical thing you need to do; you need to know 1000s of little magical things.

They are all important and they all add up to unmatched success.  Master them all and you can write

your own ticket to perpetual and passive weekly cash flow.