“The Shortcut To Making 6 Figures From ONE Luxury AirBnB Rental” Online Training…

And just like my BnB Formula model, you’ll never have to own the properties to make huge profits in the luxury space. 

In Fact, Bigger Houses = Bigger Profits

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Training will be Thursday at 7:00pm eastern

Exclusively for Brian Page’s Airbnb Formula Students

Here’s what we’ll cover on the training:

  • How to pick the right luxury properties in the right areas
  • How to negotiate Win/Win deals with the owners
  • How to market your property for maximum profits

Spoiler Alert

On the training, we’re also going to unveil our brand new turnkey model where we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you and hand you luxury vacation rentals with a profit model already built in!


This is the first time we’ll be speaking publicly about this model. This is your opportunity to get you in on the ground floor.

Register for the training now at Thursday at 7:00pm eastern. Space is limited and I’m more than certain this training will fill up fast.

Plus, there will be a live training interview with Dave Bynum, Jerry Conti, and myself on the topics of new realities in the vacation rental marketplace. We’ll talk about what makes a good vacation rental property, how to find them, how to speak to property owners so you can get control of properties affordably, how to option and flip properties for big profits, plus some insider secrets to maximize revenues and profits by providing fantastic guest experiences.