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What would your STR Business look like in 2022 if you…

  • Can pinpoint & acquire 6-figure Airbnbs like a Pro
  • Negotiate & launch 5-figure houses without owning the real estate
  • Set-up and stage your STR even if you’re not a professional designer
  • Scale up with rockstar virtual assistants while spending half the cost?

This is perfect if you are a:

STR Operator

Airbnb Host

Real Estate Investor: Landlord, Fix and Flipper, Wholesaler

What is Breakthrough to 2022
Short-Term Rental Course Bundle?

Breakthrough to 2022 Short-Term Rental Course Bundle

Breakthrough to 2022 Short-term Rental Course Bundle is a collection of 5 Houses 2 Freedom webinars, training and tools systematically organized in a platform. You can easily access and learn the courses at your own pace and depending on what you need most for your business so you can make a breakthrough in short-term rentals by acquiring & designing high-performing properties while confidently scaling your business.





STR Acquisition Secrets “How to Identify, Locate, Analyze & Acquire 6-figure Airbnbs”




Rental Arbitrage “How to Negotiate & Launch 5-figure Houses Without Owning the Real Estate”



Set-up and Launch “How to Design and Stage Your STR Even if You’re Not a Pro Designer”



VSTR Formula “How to Hire, Train, Manage & Scale your STR Business with Virtual Assistants”



Breakthrough to STR Virtual Live 3-Day Event

TOTAL: $4,985


  • SEO Training - “How to Rank on 1st Page of Airbnb” ($97 Value) Included

  • 5H2F Easy Income Analysis Calculator ($250 Value) Included

  • How to List an Airbnb Property 1-sheeter ($97 Value) Included

  • How to Protect your Property Training ($197) Included

  • How to Deal with HOAs Training ($297 Value) Included

  • 13-step Guest Smart Message Sequence ($97 Value) Included

  • 70+ Copy Paste Canned Message Templates ($300 Value) Included

  • Virtual Assistant Productivity Mini-Course ($197 Value) Included

  • Client Case Study “From $1k to $5k Net per Month” ($97) Included

  • Customized 45-min Coaching Session ($500) Included

  • Private Facebook Community (PRICELESS)

TOTAL: $2,129

Now Only $497


For Your Real Estate Business

“Before I even joined with George, I was really trying to work on my script [negotiating with landlords] to make it not sound just like what everyone else is doing. So I kept doing that, and a lot of things that George said and his other lessons I kept working on and tweaking it. So I think I finally tweaked it well. 

I ended up making a very great connection with the landlord that has multiple properties. And I think it's going to be a very good ongoing relationship where I could probably get more properties.”

Austin Goree - identified, acquired, staged & launched his listing via Rental Arbitrage generating $7k-8k monthly cash flow.

“I've been in real estate sales for 30 years and Airbnb for a couple of years. I tend to think I know quite a bit. There's always something that we can learn.
I never could get the price that I could get.  All of my research that I did didn't show that. But he was like, just trust, try it. And then if not, we'll do this. And so finally I did. And I was amazed.
Basically, the profit margin before was $1,000 a month and the profit margin now is $5,000 a month.
George is genuine. He doesn’t claim to know it all. And it's because it's an ever changing industry. He has high integrity. And that's what I look for when I look for someone to follow or do a business model after.”

Kelli Parker - upgraded her current listing, booking & pricing strategy and brought up her revenue from $3,000 a month (when she started) to $8600 in one of her top months
Shawn Warner

“Man, I'm glad that I'm now connected with George and Moona (Staging and Design Specialist). I'm just excited. I mean, this is my first Airbnb.
Before, I was a little scared of how all this was gonna play out. But once I made my foot into the door, for the first time to see after everything was completed... I was like, Wow, this is amazing.
Definitely jump into the program. Definitely begin your journey to the Airbnb world. Connect with George Salas and his team. He's got his own coaching program. His girlfriend's an interior designer. He's got his own cleaning team. He's got a whole team of nothing but resources available to you.”

Shawn Warner - from zero experience in real estate to his first Airbnb generating $4-6k per month

What’s Included in…

Breakthrough to 2022 Short-Term Rental Course Bundle ?

  • Simplest and most effective goal achieving system to help you achieve the massive results you seek.
  • Instant + Lifetime Access which means you can log in and get started right away or take your time.
  • 20+ Video Recordings, Q&A Recordings & Tools of Engagement readily accessed on our portal and easily downloadable to keep you organized and in action mode.
  • A Diversified Acquisitions Strategy that allows you scale faster, put less cash upfront, build cash reserves quicker & create a business that gives you freedom to do more.
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group which means you are never alone! I'm there answering questions together with my STR expert team and other STR operators who have been in your place ready to encourage you + cheer you on!
  • training #1

  • training #2

  • training #3

  • training #4

  • training #5

STR Acquisition Secrets “How to Identify, Locate, Analyze & Acquire 6-figure Airbnbs”

Walk through the step-by-step tools, skills & strategies you need to identify, find and acquire what we call “cash flow machines”, aka the most profitable properties in the short-term rental industry. From start to finish, you will know exactly which properties work as Short-term Rentals and how much you can potentially EARN from each one of them.

Module 1: The Texas Short- Term Rental Market
Module 2: IDENTIFY - “Anatomy of a $10k+/ Month House & Creating Your Perfect Property Avatar”
Module 3: FIND - How to Use the “Sweet Spot” Market Research Methodology to Find the Most Profitable Properties in any STR Market In Under 30 minutes”
Module 3: ANALYZE - Investment Metrics & Comparing Returns
Module 4: ACQUIRE - Choosing Your STR Acquisition Strategy

And more…

- TOOLS OF ENGAGEMENT - Downloadable worksheets, practice guides, and bonus materials all safely stored inside our portal
- Q&A Recordings
- All Video Recordings and Resources
- Optimizing Your Listing & Creating a Listing Strategy
- Building Your Data-Driven Booking & Pricing Strategy


when you buy the Breakthrough to 2022

Short-Term Rental Course Bundle,

you’ll get these awesome bonuses!

(valued at almost $2,000)


SEO Training - “How to Rank on 1st Page of Airbnb”

As an Airbnb Host, visibility is the key to more bookings. Let’s optimize your listings, get more eyeballs and dollars for your STR.

  • 5H2F Easy Income Analysis Calculator
  • Done-for-you spreadsheet which you can readily fill up and quickly see your acquisition costs, annual cash flow, exit cash and ROI.

How to List an Airbnb Property 1-sheeter

Basics on launching your Airbnb listing. Perfect for those just starting and a great guide to follow for experienced hosts.

How to Protect your Property Training ($197 Value)

Learn straight from the insurance expert on how to keep your property safe from bad guests and damages including homeowner policies, damage waivers, deposits, OTA solutions, self-insuring, STR platforms protection coverage.

  • How to Deal with HOAs Training
  • Avoid the HOA headaches so you can confidently start and scale your STR business.

13-step Guest Smart Message Sequence

A smooth-flowing communication can help your guests prepare for and enjoy their stay, which could mean a glowing 5-star review for you.

70+ Copy Paste Canned Message Templates

Why create from scratch when you can template and automate your guest communication sequence and messages? Just simply plug and play!

  • Client Case Study
  • “From $1k to $5k Net per Month” 
  • Watch this golden interview of how George Salas helped one of his first coaching clients, a long-time real estate investor gain confidence, successfully strategize and 5x her monthly STR net profits.

Complementary 45-min
 Deep Dive Session

What better way to jumpstart your breakthrough in STR than with a strategy call session handled by George’s team? 

Breakthrough to 2022 Short-Term Rental Course Bundle

is all about…

  • Taking control of your Real Estate dream outcome
  • Increasing your likelihood of achievement in the STR market
  • Reducing your effort & sacrifice
  • Fast Tracking any delays from trial and error and manifesting the process with the help of STR experts
STR Success
Ruben Stunner

“Without George’s training, his experience and his hands-on techniques, I probably wouldn’t have made that leap [to Airbnb]. Now, I definitely solved the problem of finding that 2nd, 3rd or 4th source of income, now it’s pretty much tripled my income. George knows what he’s talking about, he definitely has experience”.
Ruben Stunner

Christoffer Munoz

“I like how simple the system was. Going through your whole program. It was very self explanatory. And the videos were very informative. So it really gave us the confidence to go out there and get it done. I've joined other programs before, and they're not as informative;”

Chris Munoz, getting his first Rental Arbitrage Airbnb generating $7-8k monthly cash flow

Scott Henderson

“George has really changed all the short-term rentals that we have. At that time when I met him, we had 2-3, now we’re up to 10, 2 of which are Superhost status and our occupancy the last 3 months have been 95% more. He’s allowed us to be a lot more profitable than the standard lead.”
-Scott Henderson

George and the 5 Houses 2 Freedom Team has helped numerous Real Estate Investors gain success in Short- term Rentals…


5 Houses 2 Freedom
Cyber Week Offer


For Your Real Estate Business