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Before the COVID--19 pandemic, the luxury 
vacation rental business was exploding.

The growth and success of AirBnB, VRBO, Home-Away, Vacasa and others was unprecedented. Travelers everywhere began choosing private homes instead of hotel rooms when they traveled. As a result, investors started buying properties and converting them to short-term rentals.

Then the COVID--19 pandemic clearly brought most travel to a halt in early 2020.

Investors who bought lots of properties are in trouble. But people who leased homes and converted them to short-term rentals are faring better.

Meet Dave Bynum & Jerry Conti. Dave & Jerry were two of the first people to recognize the immense opportunity in acquiring the rights to either under-performing short-term rentals, or long-term rentals that could be converted to short-term rentals.

Notice we said “acquiring the rights to,” not buying.

That’s one of their secret to success:

Get the Benefits of Ownership
Without the Costs of Ownership

That’s the model Dave & Jerry taught thousands of people at LuxHomePro Live Bootcamps, on coaching calls, in mentoring sessions and through our Profit Formula Course. And that’s why those who took their coaching are not just surviving the COVID-19 travel decline . . .


As a Lux AMA (Ask Me Anything) member, you now have the opportunity to have Dave as your personal mentor to answer your most important questions, help you choose the right properties and coach you to negotiate great deals.

Dave has more than 25 years experience in real estate leasing, investing and most importantly, converting and operating short-term rentals. He’s the go-to guy many savvy investors turn to for tips on locating, negotiating and setting up profitable short-term rentals.

And Dave’s methods work whether you’re looking to secure and operate a luxury vacation rental in Scottsdale, a suburban house in Saint Louis, an urban loft in San Francisco or a ski chalet in Stowe, Vermont

News Flash: Investor Panic is Your Opportunity

A lot of people who leveraged too much to get vacation rentals (they bought several properties with just 10% down) and couldn’t pivot when COVID hit are looking to get out of their leases and purchases. Deals are better than they’ll probably ever be again in the next decade. They’re getting out because they’re over- leveraged. You can actually help people scale back and get the lease rights to a high-performing short-term rental property for well below ‘normal’ market rate right now.

But here’s the MOST important thing YOU need to know: 

Long-term projections still favor strong growth in consumer demand for short-term rental properties. And that preference is getting even STRONGER because of COVID-19. People trust the safety, space and cleanliness of a private home more than they do a hotel.

People are getting out now because they got over-leveraged when times were good. When COVID hit they took a major hit because they owned heavily leveraged assets whose cash flow decreased too much, too fast.

By the way . . . What’s been the best-performing sector in short-term rentals through the COVID crash?

Luxury Properties!

Homes with large open spaces, private pools and plenty of inside space have become a go-to for people “sheltering in place,” for families taking a “Stay-Cation” and for people seeking a long-term refuge -- and willing to pay top price!

The luxury niche was growing rapidly before COVID, is weathering the COVID crash well and is poised to explode as travel returns. Our exclusive Profit Formula online course showed you what it takes to find, make a deal and set up a high-end property. Now the Lux AMA program will help you land the right deal; and today . . .

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Getting in smart means picking up bargains now and leasing instead of owning. Dave’s Profit Formula Course combined with the Lux AMA program will equip you to do just that. When the travel boom returns -- just like all the experts predict -- you’ll literally cash in big!

If you’re excited about the coming boom in travel from all that pent-up demand and you want to be positioned to leverage the explosion in short-term rentals that’s just over the COVID horizon . . .

Learn the game and get all your questions answered by a true pioneer in the field, including:

  • 3 Group Calls Every Month (30-60 minutes) - All calls are recorded in case you miss one
  • Submit your questions in advance and get them answered on the call
  • Benefit from GroupThink and the questions your colleagues pose
  • Special bonus material from our COVID-19 Rapid Response Calls
Six Months of Mentoring:
Register today for just $1995
Now Only $795! 
or 3 payments of $299

Now, here’s something to ponder. When it comes to short-term rental properties . . .

Savvy Investors Know How To Find The Right Property In The Right Location

To find success, you’ve got to know where to look for good deals and how to negotiate good business arrangements. That’s where the LuxHomePro AMA program comes into play.

Locating a great short-term rental property sounds easy enough . . .

But most people make HUGE mistakes because they don’t know how to play the game within the game when it comes to locating the right property.

Locating is a three-tier process and you have to get all three tiers right . . .

• First, you have to choose the right city or area for you, based on where you live now, how much time and money you have to invest and what type of traveler you want to attract.

• Next, you have to choose the right neighborhood in that place, and there are at least 5 criteria you need to know to choose correctly.

• Finally, you have to choose the right house in that neighborhood -- and that’s not as easy as you might think!

Fortunately, Dave shares all these important insights, tactics and strategies in the AMA program as he answers the questions members pose. You can bring YOUR specific questions to Dave and to the group and get expert advice as you hone your selection process.

Now, imagine you’ve taken the Profit Formula online course and you’re in the AMA with Dave Bynum. Picture yourself looking at properties in that perfect location for you . . .

 You spot something you really like. You want that property. It’s time to cut a deal...

Successful Negotiation - What You Need To Know

Once you’ve found the right place, neighborhood and property, it’ll be time to make your business deal.

There’s an old adage in real estate that “you make money when you buy.”

That’s because smart investors do their homework and negotiate a good price that builds in profit later from appreciation and income.

But the same thing is true when you negotiate a long-term lease to acquire property rights in a home that you want to operate as a short-term rental.


Because cash flow is king when it comes to short-term rentals. And cash flow depends on your lease payment more than any other factor -- it’s the biggest expense. So, negotiate a good lease, make more money every month.

But that’s just the beginning...

Hidden expenses lie in short-term rentals that you need to be aware of. Some of those expenses will be YOUR responsibility and some will be the property owner’s responsibility.

If you don’t know what those hidden expenses are, how can you successfully negotiate who is responsible for them?

Dave has seen it all in his real estate career and he knows the hidden clauses in lease agreements that can get you in trouble. He also knows how to negotiate to get win-win deals where both you and the property owner share responsibilities, working together to get the most value out of the property.

So don’t pull the trigger on your first deal without Dave’s negotiation expertise!

Success In Today’s Short-Term Rental Market Requires Regulatory Knowledge

Years ago it was really easy to rent out a room or a house on a short-term basis. People were doing it for decades with lake houses, ski chalets, beach homes and rooms in houses and apartments.

But as the short-term rental business became a big industry, regulators came in to get their share of all the money!

They also came in to regulate on behalf of people living in areas where a lot of short-term rental activity was happening.

Today, wherever you go, you’ll have to deal with regulation. With the COVID-19 pandemic it’s gotten even more important to be able to navigate the regulatory environment.

The Lux AMA Program is the perfect place to bring your regulatory questions -- whether you’re dealing with an HOA, city government or even state laws.

Dave understands the regulatory process and how to navigate it, plus specific ways to protect yourself from a negative regulatory climate even AFTER you’ve taken on a property -- secrets only pros know about how to structure leases so you can get out of them quickly if you need to.

Tips, Trick, Tactics & Strategy from an STR Master + Group Think

Short Term Rentals are going to be among the best real estate investments post-COVID. Today, you can secure rights in beautiful, high-performing properties at prices we won’t see again for decades.

Our properties are BOOKED SOLID. In Phoenix. In SUMMER when it’s 110 in the shade!

Now that you’ve enjoyed our exclusive Lux Profit Formula Course and you’re ready to deepen your learning and position yourself to get a property or two, the AMA program is perfect for you.

  • 3 Group Calls Every Month (30-60 minutes) - All calls are recorded in case you miss one
  • Submit your questions in advance and get them answered on the call
  • Benefit from GroupThink and the questions your colleagues pose
  • Special bonus material from our COVID-19 Rapid Response Calls
Six Months of Mentoring:
Register today for just $1995
Now Only $795!
or 3 payments of $299