Attention: A Personal Message from Jerry Conti, CEO & Founder LuxHomePro

Dear LHP Family,

First, I want to thank you for listening to Ed Rholl’s webinar on what opportunities lie ahead for you in the Short Term Rental Marketplace.  

I trust Ed’s message was clear:

Be the victor, not the victim, during these unprecedented times.

Together, Robert Chou (President of LuxHomePro Holdings) and myself operate and 35 luxury STR properties in cities like Scottsdale, Phoenix, Nashville, Dallas and even int'l; such as Poland, Bahamas, and Colombia... and not only did we survive this pandemic, but we thrived with record breaking bookings this summer. 

Arizona properties are perfect for investors who want to jump into the STR business for immediate cash flow. You’ll generate healthy income within your first 6-8 weeks after you’re fully dialed in!

I want you to invite you to attend our STR Intensive 2-day VIP LIVE Event in February and I’ll explain on this next webinar why we are bullish on the Luxury STR Marketplace RIGHT NOW.

If you’re reading this, you resonated enough with what Ed shared on the first webinar that you want more, and the timing could not be more perfect.

This global reset is THE opportunity for you to take control of your financial future for you and your family.

Seize the moment. The when is NOW.

In fact, what if we capitalized on this uncertainty TOGETHER? Let’s just agree that we both want to maximize our income AND our wealth. That’s it. TOTAL financial freedom.

To that end, if you’re serious, not just curious, fill out the info below and I'll register you for part 2... That’s it.

Thanks again, and talk soon!

Jerry Conti
CEO & Founder 

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