The Founders of the LuxHomePro Companies began our foray into the Luxury short-term rental industry a few years ago by acquiring control of our first vacation rental property and learning by trial and error to navigate all the ins and outs of this ever-more-complex, yet ever-more fun and exciting business.

Our Founder’s corporate origins were in the training and development business, having grown several successful multi-million dollar education companies. Once we learned the ropes and partnered with outstanding professional advisors, we wanted to share what we learned with others.

LuxHomePro was formed in 2018 as an elite training and mentoring provider to meet the market demand for highly qualified STR operators as the market exploded. During 2018 and 2019, we trained thousands of people through our Lux Profit Formula Course and Live LuxBnB Bootcamps to locate, negotiate, host and operate STR properties, with a focus on preparing students to operate luxury properties. 

Our ongoing mentoring program enabled graduates to deepen their skills through access to world-class support from experienced STR investors and operators.

We introduced a unique business model, training students to capture the revenue potential from operating luxury short-term rental properties without the costs and burdens of ownership. During this time we also introduced our Digital Course, through which thousands of students learned the basics for getting into and profiting from operating short-term rentals. In 2019 we formed LuxHomePro Holdings LLC and quickly acquired operational control over a portfolio of more than 20 luxury STR properties using the same model we taught our students. Many of our graduates then leveraged the opportunity to be operator partners, rather than having to locate and negotiate their own STR deals.

As 2020 began, we were looking forward to expanding our training business and our portfolio of luxury properties as the STR market exploded. Then COVID-19 hit. Travel came to a halt. Millions of short-term rental bookings were cancelled, often on terms unfavorable to the hosts and operators who relied on those bookings for their livelihood.

Like many other education businesses, we were forced to discontinue our live events. Like many real estate companies, we were forced to put our portfolio expansion plans on hold. During these dark days, we focused on maintaining our properties and providing ongoing support to our graduates and those operating our properties.

It was at the height of the COVID-19 economic turmoil that a recent trend in the STR world gained momentum: direct booking. Direct booking occurs when a property owner, host or operator markets their property through their own website and takes bookings directly from travelers on that site. Direct booking enables individual hosts, owners and operators to gain some independence from total reliance on the big booking sites for their business, while providing flexibility and control over the booking process.

We began to develop this capability for our own portfolio of properties. Dividends were immediate, as we enjoyed solid bookings during the summer of 2020 by pivoting our model to longer-term stays, which served the needs of families looking to get out of crowded urban centers in the midst of the pandemic. But, we also recognized that as a long-term strategy direct booking would only be successful if hosts, owners and operators had a fully integrated marketing system. We knew immediately that this was not just our own challenge, but the challenge virtually all individual owners/operators faced.

To surmount this challenge, we formed BoomSTR in the summer of 2020, as a digital marketing agency focused solely on meeting the needs of STR owners, operators and hosts. BoomSTR is a fully-integrated marketing solution that encompasses direct booking capability, social media marketing, digital ad optimization and tailored consulting on essential things like creating more appealing listings, set-up and configuration of properties and designing marketing strategies based on identifying the core customer for client properties.

Today, we look towards the coming post-pandemic years with eagerness. We’re bullish on the continuing rise in demand for high-quality Luxury short-term rentals. We’re excited to get back in the classroom to continue our world-class training and mentoring. We’re heartened by the strong initial market response to our BoomSTR service. And, we’re re-scaling our portfolio of luxury STR properties to meet the coming demand.

Whether you’ve reached this site to explore properties to book, to learn about training and partnering opportunities, or to beef up your direct booking and digital marketing capabilities, we’re thrilled that you're here.

Jerry Conti
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