5 Houses 2 Freedom
Coming in January 2022

Savvy “Property Investors” are pulling in additional 5-6 Figure incomes on median- luxury properties they can lease or own with a system that can leverage 90% of the work!

Are you interested in tapping into the Short- Term/ Vacation Rental market and harnessing the lucrative income strategy that offers the monetary benefits of home ownership without the price tag?

Discover The 5 Houses 2 Freedom System

Dear “Property Investor,”

Are you making a good living but looking for a low-risk, low-time commitment way to increase your income?

You’ll want to continue reading if …

  • • You have some capital to invest but looking for an opportunity to make bigger ROI than traditional investment strategies WITHOUT the associated risk.
  • • You are open to putting in some short-term effort in exchange for BIG, LONG-TERM, continuous monthly profits.

What if there was a sustainable way to create ongoing income from property investment that didn’t require you to physically purchase homes, but rather leverage homes?

Would it be worth two or three hours of your time to learn exactly how to…

  • Fund Your Retirement
  • Fund a New Home
  • Pay Tuition for The Kids’ School
  • Retire any Debts
  • Fund The Fun (Trips, Toys, Cars, etc…)

We’d like to show you exactly how to leverage the median- luxury homes in your area and cash flow them as short-term/ vacation rentals – which is the next hot trend in real estate.

When you hear “vacation rentals,” you might immediately think of beachfront, resort type properties. I know. I used to think so, too. But are you aware of the growing trend for people to book vacation houses over hotels?

That you can actually utilize median- luxury homes, I’m talking 2,000 sq ft properties and upgrade them to highly desirable spaces for travelers & guests?

While the hotel industry is freaking out… you can start using a proven system to generate cash flow leveraging a median- luxury home in just 30 to 90 days.

Just check out the rest of this page then come to spend a few hours with us.  

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

By the way, I know what you’re going through because I’ve been a high-end sales professional for most of my career. When I sold something, I got paid, and when no sales were happening, there was no income.  It’s the life of the sales professional. Once a sale was done, I was super excited, but each time I had to start all over again.

If you decide to come and visit me and my partner John Humphrey for a few hours at our STR Training Center, you’ll find out that this strategy isn’t easily affected by the economy and more importantly, gives you consistent and substantial cash flow.

So, what in the world are short- term/ vacation homes and why are they worth investing in?

Ever heard of the shared economy, you know, home sharing in Airbnb?

The BIG thing 13 years ago (when Airbnb launched and started changing the entire industry) was the “peer to peer” home rental.

Hundreds of thousands of “regular homes” were listed on Airbnb and VRBO in every city.

Now, there’s a shift on that especially with the pandemic still in our midst- more travelers are starting to prefer purchasing or leasing single family median-luxury homes over regular apartments and condominiums.

With pent-up travel plans, people are craving bigger group gatherings among family & friends.

They desire properties that provide amenities for entertainment and bonding within the safety of a private home- something that hotels can’t offer.

Millions of travelers are willing to pay premium for the unique experience from median- luxury vacation homes even during off- peak times of the year on platforms such as:

  • Airbnb
  • HomeAway
  • VRBO
  • Expedia
  • Orbitz
  • And many others…

Median- Luxury Houses seem smaller than regular vacation homes. Is it really POSSIBLE to generate 5-6 figures in cash flow with them?

Single Family Median- Luxury Houses

Here’s what’s so unique about Single Family Median- Luxury Houses:

  • They Provide Better Amenities (& you can easily upgrade what they already have)
  • They Have Additional Space and Value
  • They Have Higher Average Daily Rates
  • They’re The New STR Wave of 2021-2022
  • They Are Perfect for Backpack / Group Traveling
  • They Have Less Supply & More Demand
  • They Pose Less Financial Risk Than Luxury Vacation Rentals
  • But Have Almost Similar Rental Income (5 to 6-Figure cash flow!)

Best of all…

You DON’T have to have experience in the STR space just business savvy and some real estate experience for it to work!

This is probably the best passive investment I’ve seen in decades—and I’ve spent over 25 years of my career in sales and marketing.

I know what you’re thinking…

“If I don’t own a single-family median- luxury home, how exactly will this work?”

It’s a simple concept, really.

Find, analyze, and market the best Median- Luxury Homes that are perfectly suited for vacation rentals, this way when you implement our strategies you ensure your 5-figure profits.

All with relatively very little effort on your part.

Vacation rentals do require quite a bit more hands-on than the average rental. However, if you use our strategies you will have about 90% of that work outsourced, freeing up your time to acquire another property and then another… or just enjoy life…

You really can generate an annual high 5-6 figure cash flow with owning or leasing single family homes.

Live-streamed from our STR Training Center in Carlsbad, CA and learn how to master our 5 Houses 2 Freedom system. Over 3 days we will outline exactly how our business system works… and how you can be a part of this new trend in real estate’s short- term/ vacation rentals.

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Discover the Real Estate Insider Secret
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The 5 Houses 2 Freedom System

LIVE-STREAMED from Carlsbad, California
in Januaray 2022

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George Salas - 5 Houses 2 Freedom Master Trainer

George Salas | 5 Houses 2 Freedom Master Trainer
George will be with you throughout the three-day training, speaking multiple times each day. He doesn’t want to ruin the value-packed presentation he has in store for here are a few hints:

  • 5 Master Pillars of STR Success
  • 9 Metrics To Look At Before Investing Into an STR
  • How to Spot a $10k+ A Month House
  • 5 STR Trends Happening In The Next 5 Years or So
  • Why Median- Luxury Houses
  • Performance Metrics To Keep An Eye On
  • And much much more!
Robert Chou - 5 Houses 2 Freedom Real Estate Fund Manager

Robert Chou | 5 Houses 2 Freedom Real Estate Fund Manager
Robert is a well-respected business consultant to commercial and retail business clients throughout California. He has over 20 years of real estate experience, a savvy and active investor and always up to date on investment ventures and financial trends.

Robert will tackle the numbers- prices, income, expenses and goals and keep you engaged despite the dry subject of…

  • Projection Forecast Budget P&L Analysis
Jerry Conti - 5 Houses 2 Freedom Digital Marketing Expert

Jerry Conti | 5 Houses 2 Freedom Digital Marketing Expert
Jerry is the CEO of BoomSTR- the only digital marketing company providing a direct booking website with fully integrated channel management and enterprise-level software for your STR.

He will help you take better control over your customers and stay above the competition digitally with his training on…

  • Listing Optimizer
John Humphrey - 5 Houses 2 Freedom Sales Expert

John Humphrey | 5 Houses 2 Freedom Sales Expert
John is an accomplished entrepreneur that has been in business for himself for the last 20+ years.

He and his wife had the #1 searched vacation rental property in Phoenix, AZ. He will show you cutting edge strategies on how to grow your STR revenues, how to fuel your customer base and ensure repeat 5-star review stays with.…

  • The “Secret Sauce” to Creating Raving Fans and Glowing Reviews
Moona Shenawi - 5 Houses 2 Freedom Staging and Design Expert

Monoa Shenawi | 5 Houses 2 Freedom Staging and Design Expert
Moona is a short- term rental property design and staging professional and Real Estate Investor. She is the creative mind responsible for transforming properties into works of art at Innerloop Homestays in Houston TX.

This boss babe will teach you how to transform your average property into works of art in…

  • Set-Up and Launch Process

Check out what our clients have to say.

“Man, I'm glad that I'm now connected with George... I'm just excited. I mean, this is my first Airbnb.

Before, I was a little scared of how all this was gonna play out. But once I made my foot into the door, for the first time to see after everything was completed... I was like, Wow, this is amazing.

Definitely jump into the program. Definitely begin your journey to the Airbnb world. Connect with George Salas and his team. He's got his own coaching program. His girlfriend's an interior designer. He's got his own cleaning team. He's got a whole team of nothing but resources available to you.”

- Shawn Warner, from zero experience in real estate to his first Airbnb generating $4-6k per month

Shawn Warner
Shawn Warner
Christoffer Munoz
Chris Munoz

“I like how simple the system was. Going through your whole program. It was very self explanatory. And the videos were very informative. So it really gave us the confidence to go out there and get it done.

Having full access to you and your advice and being involved in the group [where] a lot of people ask questions that you don't even think about asking.

I've joined other programs before, and they're not as informative; having the full range to you and your team really is very helpful.

 I feel like the program is set up to or whether you're a seasoned investor or you're new, it benefits you either way.”

- Chris Munoz, getting his first Rental Arbitrage Airbnb negotiated & leased within 30 days of joining & generating $7-8k monthly cash flow

“George was always there. I mean, he was like Johnny on the spot, messaging me back or calling me or whatever. And I was super impressed with that. 

It's really great to especially have the community. I didn't realize how valuable the community would be. And so it's good to get that input from everybody.

He kept on reassuring me to just listen and do [it]. Finally, I'm like, okay, Kelly, just listen to George and just go through the process. And that was the biggest thing was him helping me get myself out of the way and just pushed forward, even though I may not see the result, that day or that week, to implement what I needed to implement to get that result coming.

I've been in real estate sales for 30 years and Airbnb for a couple of years. I tend to think I know quite a bit. There's always something that we can learn. 

I never could get the price that I could get.  All of my research that I did didn't show that. But he was like, just trust, try it. And then if not, we'll do this. And so finally I did. And I was amazed.

Basically, the profit margin before was $1,000 a month and the profit margin now is $5,000 a month.

George is genuine. He doesn’t claim to know it all. And it's because it's an ever changing industry. He has high integrity. And that's what I look for when I look for someone to follow or do a business model after.”

- Kelli Parker, who upgraded her current listing, booking & pricing strategy and brought up her revenue from $3,000 a month (when she started) to $8600 in one of her top months

Kelli Parker
Austin Goree

“Before I even joined with George, I was really trying to work on my script [negotiating with landlords] to make it not sound just like what everyone else is doing. So I kept doing that, and a lot of things that George said and his other lessons I kept working on and tweaking it. So I think I finally tweaked it well.

I ended up making a very great connection with the landlord that has multiple properties. And I think it's going to be a very good ongoing relationship where I could probably get more properties.”

- Austin Goree, identified, acquired, staged & launched his listing via Rental Arbitrage in 52 days since joining the program generating $7k-8k monthly cash flow.

Kashif Riaz

“I was kind of convinced and proved my theory that learning is much cheaper than making a lot of mistakes. So that kind of proved today that if I didn't take this, I could have made a lot of mistakes in the future on Airbnb. So George, provided me with a very clear roadmap, and that will help prevent those future mistakes.

George is a genuine person. He's doing what he's saying…

All investors in the Airbnb space will benefit from this.

- Kashif Riaz, Real Estate Investor

Kathy Gunding
Kathy Gundling

“Well, well worth it. The pricing strategy alone has kept me going. George has more knowledge than he can even convey. Every time [he] does [the training], it gets better and better. If you get this knowledge that George has and apply it to properties, it will move so much faster.”

- Kathy Gundling, tripled her Galveston portfolio’s income using our pricing & performance strategies

Ruben Stunner

“Without George’s training, his experience and his hands-on techniques, I probably wouldn’t have made that leap [to Airbnb]. Now, I definitely solved the problem of finding that 2nd, 3rd or 4th source of income, now it’s pretty much tripled my income. George knows what he’s talking about, he definitely has experience”.

- Ruben Stunner, Small Business Owner & Real Estate Investor

from Carlsbad, California
Coming in January 2022

Sign-up for Only $997!
(Price increases to $1297 on November 15)