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If you’re an entrepreneur who seeks a new business opportunity for FREEDOM, IMPACT and PROFIT...

The BEST way to enter the REAL ESTATE space, diversify your resources & win financially from Day 1.

Dear Reader,

It’s true…
In this bloody red market with cutthroat competition making it even harder for new and coming investors to succeed…

In a lucrative industry that allows you to build wealth and acquire a long- term investment that generates ongoing passive income and value that grows over time…

There’s one BEST way for you even as a novice investor to enter the real estate space.

And believe it or not, it only takes you five houses to build a real estate business for freedom, impact and profit.

Let’s begin.

George Salas

Hi! My name is George Salas…
I am a Short- Term Rental Strategist and one of the founders of 5 Houses 2 Freedom.

I rapidly scaled my short- term rental business from early 2018 in the competitive Houston Real Estate space with a 10+ year branding & marketing journey background.

My team and I successfully executed 40+ Real Estate transactions that include fix & flips, wholesale deals, owner finance & subject to wraps.

I used my hybrid investment strategy to acquire and launch what is now a 50+ property short-term rental portfolio that generates 6-figure a month in rental income.

I understand how to quickly create cash flow in real estate and now teach these unique success strategies via my 5 Houses 2 Freedom STR Bootcamp.

But before all this…
I was a failed entrepreneur- a bankrupt night club owner.

When my parents divorced when I was a little kid, I’ve only had one dream ever since- to make myself a good provider to keep my family in-tact.

So after 10 years of club promotion, I invested all my savings and earnings in a business partnership and finally opened up my very own night club.

Not long after, the partnership went bad, the business got all screwed up and I went home unprotected and broke. I failed because I didn’t know any better.

Finally, I went on a search for that one thing that can CHANGE my life forever.

This is where real estate came into me like a light at the end of the tunnel.

In 2018, I dived deep in the arena doing wholesales, fix and flips and creative financing.

I later learned about and acquired properties for short- term rentals and Airbnb.

And to sustain my budding real estate business, I continued working as a nightclub promoter on the side.

August 2018, I hit $10k in short-term rental income with my 10 one-bedroom studios. ⁣⁣⁣

Then came a rude awakening amidst the most unusual of times.

During the Covid lockdown, I learned the secret sauce to a 6-figure a month short- term rental business.

From 60 grand a month pre-Covid and heading to 70k which could have been my first best month ever…

I went down to some mad 28-29k during the lockdown- translating to more than half of our revenue gone.

The pandemic got me to evaluate and dig deep into my entire business model which showed me two things:

Realization #1:

The 35 short- term rental apartments I had at the time are making me less than $2k a door, with 15-20% profit margins- while most of the income was going to expenses of our cleaners, our small team and office.

Realization #2:

I only had 5 houses BUT they are winning.

With constant tweaks they are giving us between $2k- 3k monthly cash flow with only a third of the work compared to our apartments.

That's when I decided to niche down to…

...short- term rentals even further, ditch the apartments and focus on…

Median- luxury houses!

Working 10,000+ hours in this hyper- targeted niche, I've learned that Median- Luxury Houses have the following unique characteristics: 

  • Provide Better Amenities 
  • Has Additional Space and Value 
  • Higher Average Daily Rates  
  • It’s the new STR wave of 2021-2022
  • Perfect for Backpack / Group traveling 
  • Has Less Supply & More Demand
  • Fast forward to 2021, I finally hit my 6-figure a month mark in my short- term rental business.

    I generated $103k in March, $119k in April, $153k in May, $130k in June.

    In July, we broke our income threshold with $175k and $180k in August with around 27 houses and

    16-17 apartments.

    My houses are now bringing in 30-60% profit margins which is anywhere from $3-7k a month NET,


    So you see, 5 Houses 2 Freedom…is not just a catchphrase, it’s the real deal!

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build your 6 or 7-figure Real Estate Portfolio with only Five MEDIAN- LUXURY Short-term Rentals.

    Step by Step Blueprint to Highly Profitable Short- Term Rentals:

    5 Master Pillars of STR Success

    Generate 100- 1000% More Revenue and Profits

    Without Owning or Renting a Single House.

    A Powerhouse Team
    From Acquisition to Execution
    STR Experts, Marketing, Staging & Design and Financial Specialists

    During the 3.5-day live bootcamp, we will teach you

    The 5 Master Pillars of STR Success.
     We will walk you through all the steps from start to finish and partner up with you if you’re struggling to find your market or want to venture to our own STR markets.

    With a powerhouse team of STR Experts, Marketing, Staging & Design and Financial Specialists by your side, we can only guarantee you PURE results.

    Now, you’ll not have to blindly take the leap to vacation rentals all on your own.

    I have built a time-tested system from the ground up based on 3+ years of hands-on experience...

    A system of what works and what doesn’t not just in my STR business but in the vacation rental market as a whole.

    Over time, I created the proven formula for a “Perfect Property Avatar” which generates a liberating $5k- 10k+/ month per house. 

    And I will teach them to you through a step-by-step blueprint called:




    “Sweet Spot” Market Research Methodology. Know your numbers to succeed. Market research is not as easy. Sure, there are softwares out there to help you out and they are awesome! But without the expert experience, the expectations and reality of these data might surprise and frustrate you. 

    • Learn how to pinpoint Median Luxury properties you can buy, rent, lease or manage to make huge profits within weeks



    “Anatomy of a $5k-10k+/ Month House”. Many real estate investors think that location is everything. But my 10,000+ hours of mastering my craft in STR/ Airbnbs proved that the type of property you have is as important. And you can well transform any property into a highly profitable one. 

    • Learn how to  provide your guests with a unique experience they’ll remember for years to come – and will rave about it in their reviews


    Pillar 3: SETUP & DESIGN

    Professional Staging & Design Process. Time and quality is of the essence. You can DIY all you want but you’ve got to know all the principles that highly profitable houses follow to ensure a timely and eye-catching design with the experience that guests are craving for.



    Topnotch Listing Strategy. So you’re not a marketer or a writer yourself but you have to ensure that your listing goes up the search engine and compels your guests to click that instant booking button. And this is always a dynamic game you’ve got to play. Have you got the winning tactics?

    • Learn how to build an optimized listing that sings your property’s praises and compels customers to click the Instant Book Option
    • Learn how to track and use data to help you easily identify a “loser listing” and turn it into a winner that pulls bookings in no time
    • Learn how to design a median-luxury vacation rental website that showcases your authority as a rental expert (and boosts what you can charge)

    Data-Driven Booking & Pricing Strategy. Worried that you might not get booked in advance, fall behind your payment obligations and not reach your goal revenue? Want insider access to the trade secrets in hacking your prices and giving out discounts that are actually more profitable for you as host?

    • Learn how to find the perfect pricing for your median-luxury vacation rental to maximize your monthly income



    Automation Tools for a Supercharged STR. Real estate has evolved with all the technology available at our disposal. I, myself, have tried tons of tools, got frustrated and lost money with misuse of these automation softwares. It also took a lot of experience to craft the perfect wordings in message templates that will be sent for automation. I finally learned what to retain and dispose of with the tools that we use.

    • Learn how to connect with your guests using our quick, “no-fuss” method so they know everything about their stay before they even get to your property ALL COMPLETELY AUTOMATED
    • Learn how to get your visitors and renters to gladly leave you 5-STAR Reviews – it’s more than just the experience!

    Front Desk, Housekeeping, & Maintenance Systems/Processes. You don’t want to be acquiring highly profitable houses then get a headache with all the little tasks that the business entails such as cleaning and consistently communicating with guests. Hiring a reliable & trustworthy team is an investment and an indication of freedom in your end as well.

    • Learn how to find the right local team to look after your guests so you don’t have to spend a single hour worrying about it yourself

    Best of all – you’ll learn how to put the entire process on AUTOPILOT so you can scale quickly until you’re earning the income you’ve always dreamed of.

    But that’s only the start…

    5 Houses 2 Freedom STR Boot Camp also teaches how to best MARKET Median-Luxury Houses.

    So you’ve got the perfect property and amazing amenities. What’s next?

    Don’t be like many others who get lost on the stage because they simply put up their houses on AirBnb and other vacation rental platforms then cross their fingers and hope for the best.

    We’ll teach you the tactics and best practices behind getting your property in front of travelers in all of these Online Travel Agencies OR teach you how to create a direct booking site for yourself!

    With the right strategy and tools, your listings will attract the best customers happy to pay your price (or more) to stay at your vacation rental.

    Airbnb statistics show an increasing number of guests ready to travel. Are you ready to take advantage of this growing demand and massively boost your income?



    So if you’re wondering…

    How does the 5 Houses 2 Freedom STR Boot Camp work?

    • You will be equipped with the 5 Master Pillars of STR Success and all the necessary tools and proven systems in finding the right market and designing the perfect property. 
    • You will work hand in hand with STR experts in the median-luxury space that will guide you in acquiring or transforming your properties into a $5k- $10k+ /month cash flow machine.
    • You will learn from Financial, Staging & Design and Marketing Specialists, hear sound principles and ask advice about your new STR investment.
    • You will join a bus tour of selected 5 Houses 2 Freedom median- luxury houses and see first hand what high- performing houses are made of.
    • You will be taught how to outsource about 90% of your work so that you can free up your time and acquire/ transform another of your property to a cash flow generator.

    We Are On A Mission of Freeing Real Estate Investors With Just 5 Houses....

    Check out what our clients have to say about us.

    “Man, I'm glad that I'm now connected with George... I'm just excited. I mean, this is my first Airbnb.

    Before, I was a little scared of how all this was gonna play out. But once I made my foot into the door, for the first time to see after everything was completed... I was like, Wow, this is amazing.

    Definitely jump into the program. Definitely begin your journey to the Airbnb world. Connect with George Salas and his team. He's got his own coaching program. His girlfriend's an interior designer. He's got his own cleaning team. He's got a whole team of nothing but resources available to you.”

    -Shawn Warner, from zero experience in real estate to his first Airbnb generating $4-6k per month

    Shawn Warner
    Shawn Warner
    Christoffer Munoz
    Chris Munoz

    “I like how simple the system was. Going through your whole program. It was very self explanatory. And the videos were very informative. So it really gave us the confidence to go out there and get it done.

    Having full access to you and your advice and being involved in the group [where] a lot of people ask questions that you don't even think about asking.

    I've joined other programs before, and they're not as informative; having the full range to you and your team really is very helpful.

     I feel like the program is set up to or whether you're a seasoned investor or you're new, it benefits you either way.”

    -Chris Munoz, getting his first Rental Arbitrage Airbnb negotiated & leased within 30 days of joining & generating $7-8k monthly cash flow

    “George was always there. I mean, he was like Johnny on the spot, messaging me back or calling me or whatever. And I was super impressed with that. 

    It's really great to especially have the community. I didn't realize how valuable the community would be. And so it's good to get that input from everybody.

    He kept on reassuring me to just listen and do [it]. Finally, I'm like, okay, Kelly, just listen to George and just go through the process. And that was the biggest thing was him helping me get myself out of the way and just pushed forward, even though I may not see the result, that day or that week, to implement what I needed to implement to get that result coming.

    I've been in real estate sales for 30 years and Airbnb for a couple of years. I tend to think I know quite a bit. There's always something that we can learn. 

    I never could get the price that I could get.  All of my research that I did didn't show that. But he was like, just trust, try it. And then if not, we'll do this. And so finally I did. And I was amazed.

    Basically, the profit margin before was $1,000 a month and the profit margin now is $5,000 a month.

    George is genuine. He doesn’t claim to know it all. And it's because it's an ever changing industry. He has high integrity. And that's what I look for when I look for someone to follow or do a business model after.”


    -Kelli Parker, who upgraded her current listing, booking & pricing strategy and brought up her revenue from $3,000 a month (when she started) to $8600 in one of her top months

    Kelli Parker
    Kathy Gunding
    Kathy Gundling

    “Well, well worth it. The pricing strategy alone has kept me going. George has more knowledge than he can even convey. Every time [he] does [the training], it gets better and better. If you get this knowledge that George has and apply it to properties, it will move so much faster.”

    -Kathy Gundling, tripled her Galveston portfolio’s income using our pricing & performance strategies

    Look, I know that big profits are not the only thing that ticks your list as an entrepreneur. 

    You also want to create a high impact business that changes the world and changes you. 

    Looking back, that is also the reason why my mind was fixed on succeeding in my real estate career.

    From the beginning I’ve always wanted to make an impact by teaching people- that's where my heart and skills are.

    And now, because of my success in the short-term rental market, I am now in a better position to help others build their wealth via real estate vacation rental houses.

    Not only that, I have also employed 25+ amazing team members locally and from overseas, enabling me to provide jobs, help the economy and influence other small business owners to do the same.

    I remember a comment from one of my mentors when I published a gratitude content in my social media.

    This honestly caught me off guard. It really hits home knowing that my short- term rental business did not just fulfill my dream of being a capable provider...

    I have also created a place and an opportunity for families and friends to bond and build memories.

    Now, that’s priceless.

    After all, short- term vacation rental houses aren’t just simply providing lodging and amenities for travelers. It’s so much more than that.

    Sure, there are Airbnb horror stories that you might have heard about- guests trashing properties, Airbnb management siding heavily on the guests and leaving you hanging, etc…

    Good thing, I’ve been in the trenches for 3+ years, right? I know exactly how to AVOID these kinds of problems in the first place AND how to deal with them in case they happen. 

    Because you know what, any business has got its own horror story. But with the right experience and systems, you’ll come out stronger, smarter and a better entrepreneur. 

    Let me worry about the elephant in the room (problematic guests), and address it in one of my 5 Master Pillars to STR Success training.

    For now, go be inspired and check out a few of the 5-star reviews I’ve gotten from my Airbnb listings.

    The only editing I did to these reviews was spelling and some grammar for clarity. These are honest reviews from real-life guests.

    Ida- Guest

    The pictures on Airbnb don't do the house any justice, this house is beautiful inside. They had enough towels/pillows/sheets for us. We were able to do our laundry before we left. I loved my stay, the house was beautiful, the best birthday I’ve had, the green wall was so cute, I wasn’t expecting that. The neighbors are welcoming, they spoke to us everytime we were outside getting our Uber. Everywhere we planned going was about 38-40 mins away. I will definitely be booking with you again whenever I’m in Houston. 

    Elona- Guest

    Wonderful house in a nice neighborhood, spacious, clean, and close to activities. Located only 25 min from Downtown Houston and major airports. George and team left laundry soap with washer and dryer which was convenient. Definitely a nice home for a family or group with plenty of sleeping space and the beds were very comfy. Would definitely recommend and visit again! Thanks 😊

    Sara- Guest

    My cousins and I very much enjoyed our time here. The house is in a crowded neighborhood, but it is very quiet and low key. The house was great with plenty of space for our needs. The pool was clean and kept up with a comfy sitting area. We enjoyed our stay!

    Cassandra- Guest

    This place was sooooo amazing and spacious. It looks just like advertised. I even love the fact that they checked on us the entire stay to make sure that we didn’t need anything. I will book this place every time I come to Texas and it’s like 35-40 min from Houston.

    Nora- Guest

    This was our first experience staying at a BnB. It was a very nice one!! The host had excellent communication and the place was what my family needed.We all enjoyed the pool!




    Will you be one of the select FEW to exploit this NEW MEDIAN- LUXURY market right now, creating a business that produces…

    • Revenue Streams of $5k- 10k+/ month Per House Every Single Month

    • Little Maintenance Or Work On Your Part, With Much of the Management Outsourced

    • A Median-Luxury Property Portfolio Where You Can Actively Build Profits Year After Year 

    • A Successful STR Business In Your Region Within This BOOMING Industry

    • A Family Real Estate Venture Your Children Can Take Over Now and in the Years To Come

    • A People-Serving Business That Creates Memories and Bonds

    Now, if you’re going to cash in on the 5 Houses 2 Freedom STR Bootcamp, you sure don’t want to be just paying for the education or the training part, right? 

    Or you’re probably thinking, wow, the information dump is just too much for me. Can I even do this with my other business/es already in place?

    Let me tell you why 5 Houses 2 Freedom is MORE than just an education platform...
    Why 5 Houses 2 Freedom Is One-of-a-Kind

    1. 1
        Biggest difference is that 5 Houses 2 Freedom is not just a training company. It’s a business opportunity AND development company.
      We get it. A lot of our attendees get overwhelmed with the education part of this whole real estate niche.

      We know you want it, you want to learn how to make money with vacation rental houses.

      But the actuality is…

      You really don't want to learn how to find your own property, you just want a property.

      You really don't want to know so much about how to set up a house, you want a house that is set up for you.

      You don't really want to know the intricacies of pricing, you just want your house priced the right way…

      I can teach you how to go find a home, but most likely, you're not going to do that.

      I’m going to teach you how to set up a home, but most likely you're not even going to do that because most people won't.

      Because the truth is, you simply just want to be in business, straight out straight away. 

      Remember my promise that this will be an easy entry for you as a novice real estate investor?

      Well guess what? We’ve got an upgrade behind all of this training. We're going to do something new.

      We will allow you to be in business with us, let us do all the heavy lifting.

      5 Houses 2 Freedom Team is developing 100 homes in the Houston marketplace. 

      Come to our 3.5 day STR Bootcamp and then you're going to discover how you can actually find a deal and jump into it.

      You get to share in the revenue of a home- we're going to find your house, set it up, trick it out, do all the marketing, get all the management set up and run your property. 

      The revenue? Sure, you get to share it with us in the first year as we're training you to become an expert host of your property. 

      But once you're trained and you're earning while you're learning, we can turn the property over to you and you're on your way- we both win!

      Now, if you don’t want to jump in, or let's say you’re not ready to get a house, hey, you could still come to the event!

      You can still take advantage of our training on how to use our exact formula, and how you can build it in your own market. It’s really up to you.

    2. 2
      #2 Another unique advantage of 5 Houses 2 Freedom is that we don’t require you to have thousands of dollars invested in each property or house.

      When you learn the entire system, you’ll discover 3 different money-making strategies we use based on:
         1. Finding & Purchasing Median- Luxury Houses
         2. Leasing & Marketing Median- Luxury Houses
         3. Co-Hosting Other People’s Median- Luxury Houses
      Each strategy is distinct.
      Each works to a different level.
      But each is a viable and valuable way of building income from Median- Luxury Vacation Rentals.

    3. 3
      And the final advantage of 5 Houses 2 Freedom is that we’re not tied to a single vacation rental platform.

      The same strategies and techniques you use on AirBnB will also work on HomeAway, VRBO, TripAdvisor — or any other platform you can think of.

      Plus, we’re going to teach you how to advertise outside of the main platforms and how to get direct bookings. 

      One of the co-founders of 5 Houses 2 Freedom, is also the CEO of BoomSTR- the only digital marketing company providing a direct booking website with fully integrated channel management and enterprise-level software.

      BoomSTR is sponsoring the bootcamp and will show you the future of short-term rentals so you’ll be ahead of the game in terms of taking better control over customers and staying above the competition digitally.


    If your application is successful to join us at 5 Houses 2 Freedom STR Bootcamp, we’ll teach you what you need to know to succeed in your STR business and make a consistent cash stream in the Median-Luxury Vacation Rentals space.

    If for any reason you are not satisfied with the event content and you let us know by 12:00pm on Day Two, you WILL receive your money back (less hard costs). 

    No questions asked.

    To set your expectations…

    Once you click the Apply Now button, you will be led to a brief survey to check if you’re a good fit to 5 Houses 2 Freedom STR Bootcamp.

    We will respond to the email you sent and inform you of the status of your application along with the ticket price within 24 hours.

    From there, we will give you further instructions.

    Still Have Questions?

    Can you give me a rundown of the 3.5 day 5H2F Bootcamp?

    Is the 5 Houses 2 Freedom STR Bootcamp more fit for new or seasoned real estate investors?

    Why do you have an application process? Does this mean I may get declined to attend?

    Do you have a virtual equivalent of this bootcamp? Or are you going to have one soon?

    I’m too far from Houston, do you have a list of cities to go to next for your event?

    A few final words...

    The way I see it, you only have three options, my friend:

    Option #1: Do nothing and stay where you are.

    This is for you if you’re okay with missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity of joining (before everyone else does) in this blue ocean real estate market of short- term vacation rentals... 

    ...If the wealth-building potential of real estate does not entice you as an entrepreneur and you’d wish to venture into other more profitable markets…

    ...If the hospitality industry is not your cup of tea and you’d like to stay in your comfort zone where you’re…..well, comfortable...

    ...If you don’t want to add vacation rental houses to your other lifestyle assets for you and your loved ones…

    Maybe your current business is doing well. It’s running by itself. And you can pretty much do whatever you want to. No need for another business venture that could massively increase your income.

    Maybe you have all the freedom, profit and impact you need in your business and I respect that.

    Option #2: Do it yourself.

    Which means spending a minimum of 3 years learning (at least for me it was 3 years), buying multiple thousand dollar courses & mastermind events and experimenting.

    If you’re willing to work hard, brush off failures like it’s nothing, then maybe someday you could pull it off. 

    And while there’s no guarantee it will work, you could take comfort in the fact that you didn’t have to spend a cent- only years of trial and error.

    Option #3: Apply to 5 Houses 2 Freedom NOW.

    The team will show you the 5 Master Pillars of STR Success.

    We will help you acquire 5 Median-Luxury Properties and transform them into highly profitable houses that will bring you financial freedom…

    We will answer all the questions you have on the spot and give you options on how to start your STR business so you can leave the bootcamp feeling empowered and ready to earn…

    You will be a part of something bigger, a movement of empowered real estate entrepreneurs that lift each other up, motivating each other to reach their goals and connecting people in an experience like no other.

    And you can do all of these with your dignity intact- knowing you’ve got the right people behind and with you. 


    I know this is a big decision. So let me help you.

    Forget everything you’ve read for a second and ask yourself…

    “Why am I reading this page now?”

    I mean, I sure called your attention but it wasn’t me that brought you here.

    Generally, it’s because of an unmet goal, an unrealized potential or an unlived life…

    Maybe you want less time working in another business venture and want more time for yourself and your loved ones while generating more income...

    Maybe you’ve been eyeing that luxury adventure trip for your sweetheart and kids and you thought this might just be your ticket to easily save up…

    Maybe you have room to grow more as an investor and entrepreneur and you’re hoping that this might be the opportunity you needed and wanted…

    I don’t know you personally but whatever your reason for reading this…

    ...it got you here.

    And the fact that you’re still with me, I believe you’re one of the few who has the drive to make this a reality.

    I think deep down you already know who you want to be.

    All that’s left to do is to own it.


    George Salas and the 5 Houses 2 Freedom Team

    Apply to Attend the 5 Houses 2 Freedom STR Boot Camp

    And Discover How To Become Financially Free

    With Just 5 Houses